Sunday, May 4, 2008

I Had it Coming, Apparently

If I'm recalling correctly I got through the entire fall and winter without a single cold or flu incident this year. Now that it is spring time I'm on my third round, and this last one has been a real doozy. This one I guess you call a cold because of all the nasal and cough symptoms, but the fever that won't stay down, the chills, the sweats and all that make me want to call it the flu. Whatever it is I feel like I haven't slid by this year after all. I've made up for it this spring, and the bulk of it this round.

I have to remain grateful though. When I was teaching I used to get this knock you on your back for the good part of a week kind of flu stuff at least a couple times per year. I haven't had anything like this in several years, and I never get it with the regularity I did when teaching. So I guess when I look at the long haul my immune system is likely doing its job. So I hope those of you outside soaking up the springtime sun enjoy it a bit more than usual on my behalf.
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