Friday, July 25, 2008

You'll Soon Be Able to Read Me at the GTD Times—with a Different Angle on GTD

I just got an email from Oliver Starr, the senior editor over at the GTD Times, letting me know that he's taking me on as an official contributor at the GTD Times with a focus on the intersection of Getting Things Done and psychology / cognitive neuroscience. In other words what is it about our psychology as human beings and about the peculiarities of how the brain functions that makes GTD as helpful as it is to people? A specific example might be what is it about GTDs Natural Planning model that makes it a good match for the human brain? or Why does writing down a next action, rather than just holding it in mind, help people to feel so much less anxiety?

I'm very excited about writng for GTD Times. My education is in counseling psychology rather than in cognitive science. My qualifications on cognitive science would be more along the lines of what a science journalist does. I've spent the past several years reading in the area, and participating in a book group where cognitive sciences were the sole focus. It's nice when things in life come together like this where your passions find a nice place to plug in with a good opportunity. So check for me over at GTD Times early next week. I'll see you there.
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