Thursday, August 28, 2008

Awareness * Connection Now Listed on AllTop, Shooting for 9Rules

I am was very pleased to find out that Awareness * Connection is now listed over in the parenting section by the good folks at AllTop. Just below my "Other Destinations" links you can find their badge to drop by and visit. It is an ingenious alphabetical listing that includes the feeds for the five posts for any blog listed. So it is wonderful place to catch up on the topic of your choice. I often head over to find out what is going on in the world of GTD at AllTop. One handy feature I really enjoy about he design of their site is that bar that you see going across toward the bottom in the pic above always stays where it is no matter how you scroll, so you are always one easy click away from the main alphabetical listing. Give it a spin sometime. And where did the ingenuity come from? Well one of the three owners is Guy Kawasaki who was one of the original players over at Apple involved with launching the original Mac. He has a very hot book out called The Art of the Start about getting new businesses and projects off the ground. As a Silicon Valley venture capitalist, and given key posts at Apple he's got some expertise to share. 

Next I'm hoping Awareness * Connection will be listed on another ingenious blog network called 9Rules. Their small green banner is over on the side along with the AllTop one. What I'm shooting for though is their official badge, which is identical to their logo over on their home page at 9Rules. It is awarded by invitation following one of their three 24 hour submission windows annually. These guys know how to build blogging buzz. Sept 3rd is the big day where I find out if Awareness * Connection has made the cut this round. Since they are content, as opposed to web design, focused in selecting network members, I'm feeling hopeful.
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